The Tiles are your Jewelry to your Kitchen – Part 2

I was amazed by the amount of response I got from my last write up: The Tiles are your Jewelry to your Kitchen. A lot of people find it not enough and want me to give some more tips about designing the kitchen with tiles. I just want to thank everyone who read the write up and thank you so much for everyone who told me I was a good writer. Lol. All I did was write about what I am passionate about, kitchen and food in general. So here you go, some of the tips I personally can vouch to. I personally used them and I can assure you that they are good and effective.

The response is overwhelming, it made me realized that the blogging department of the kitchen area is lacking and that not a lot of bloggers actually write about it. Again, just like what I said last time, it is not like buying and designing yourself. Normally it is pretty easy to accessorize your self with jewelries and stuff. There are tons of websites that will help you buy off different kinds of jewelries. If you want to buy off some expensive for yourself, there are tons of diamond auctions out there that can help you buy good stuff of jewelries. Anyways, as for the tips and recommendations, you can read them below. Enjoy reading and do let me know if you find them confusing and if you are not sure what is what.

-For this second part, the first advice is to determine the overall lifestyle of your household. Of course you have to consider the overall design of your home. In general, kitchen tiles are very resilient however it still require some maintainance and the duration and longetivity of the material used is very important and needs to be considered greatly. For the tiles used for the countertops, the most recommended is a material that is durable and can hold up from a huge amount of heat that will come from the hot pans.

The material needs to be easily cleaned as well, and that tile material is none other than the ceramic tiles. It is the best tiles to decorate your counter tops, however there is a minor issue about the ceramic tiles. It is basically a pretty uneven it can easily crack or even chip. You have to make sure that your family’s household will be able to match the tiles finish you want for your kitchen.

-The second advice and pantip for this part is choose a floor tiles that will pretty much match your family’s habit. You have to consider all the members of the family including and most especially your pets. Choosing floor tiles need to be durable enough for your family’s everyday activity. It needs to match the traffic your kitchen is getting, how many times does the member of your family go to the kitchen.

You also need to consider your pets, do you have any? If so are they trained to poo on a certain place or anything? Other than your pets, do you have a toddler? We all know toddlers are pretty clumsy with everything. Dirt everywhere is what you are getting if you currently have a toddler in your household. You need to find a kitchen flooring that can be easily cleaned if these are the case.

-The last and third pantip I can share is make sure that you have purchased a kitchen tile flooring that is spefically for floors. If you choose a tiles that is for walls, the concern is that it may be too slippery because the coefficient of friction will surely be a little low and which will make walking a little difficult because it will be slippery. For a safer kitchen you need to make sure that it is specifically for flooring. Wall tiles may look better in your opinion, but make sure to prioritize safety first. If you are vying for an elegant look, you can choose a quarry tile. There are also clay and limestone based on the tiles.

The Tiles are your Jewelry to your Kitchen

Accessorizing and putting jewelries into your kitchen is not as easy as buying jewelries for human use. You see, if you want a diamond earrings, you can just go visit online jewelry auctions or some jewelry auction site and buy off yourself a jewelry. But for our kitchens, it is not simple. Styling kitchens with fabulous tiles and designing kitchen with it will definitely do the trick.

The current trend this modern day is the zig zags and the chevrons which are very hot to our mommies online. The bold colors and the patterns are surely a hit on most people and I cannot blame them to it. If I only have not renovated our kitchen 3 years ago and if I only the budget for it, I will surely use it to our kitchen as well.

A huge variety of options are available if you want to have great tiles for your kitchen. You can read tips below on how you can choose the perfect jewelry to your kitchen, aka the best tiles for your kitchen.

A kitchen is the only room in the house and can pull off having different styles of tiles and will still look cute and pretty. Tiles can actually make or break the overall look of your kitchen so you have to be careful when choosing them. The Glossy tiles can also be put on the wall, and it can actually be a different color on the tiles on the floor. However you also have to pick the best set of flooring tiles so you can fit everything. So let us start with the advice and tips now.

-The first step is basically determining the placing of the tiles. You need to decide first where you want to put the tiles. Before selecting the materials, you have to choose the surface where the tiles will be laid. The tiles can actually work and be placed as backsplash behind your kitchen stove. Or even on the wall on the underside of the upper cabinet of your kitchen. The tiles can also be put as a counter top material and of course can also work as your kitchen floorings.

-The second step is basically learning to distinguish the difference with these tiles. You see, there are tons of kinds of tiles not to mention they also have different kinds of designs. The word tiles is most commonly known of course as a material that is resilient which you can laid on the floor in rows. However, for the kitchen, there are tons of types of these tiles which includes the cork, vinyl, the bamboo, the ceramic, porcelain, the glass, the stone and quarry. The most commonly used floorings for the kitchen are the vinyl, cork and bamboo, while the most commonly used as counters and also for floors to some are porcelain, quarry and ceramic. The glass tile is of course very delicate so you can only put them for walls or for backsplashes as well.

-And lastly, determine your budget before actually getting sold on the look you saw. Kitchen tiles overall is not that expensive, if you use tiles like vinyl or the linoleum but the custom ones that are designed with ceramic tiles will surely rip you off. Do your homework first before actually committing to the look you want to achieve.

It is better to know the amount of money you can pour in so that you can never be disappointed once you realize that you cannot have the look you have envisioned. The best people who can help you out in knowing the budget you need and the number of pieces you will be needing are the tile stores of course.

Designing Tips for a Fabulous Looking Kitchen

So you are planning to have some tweaking to have your kitchen some make over, unfortunately you are out of budget and you do not have resources to have such renovation. Well, worry nothing about it because you can still have some make over without spending too much and without some necessary resources.


I came up with these kinds of topic because I thought it would be helpful to others and it’s good to share some techniques I have been applying to our own kitchen.

So below are my list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to styling your kitchens. I will enumerate the Dos first so you can jot them properly.

-To have a refreshing feeling on your kitchen, try introducing a new set of colors. Choose a color different from the current colors of your kitchen and check out new sets of colors you can add, make variations and do not use the patterns used for your current kitchen.

-Always remember the power of odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc. When grouping multiples like accessories, condiments, kitchen accessories, pans, kitchen appliances, always make sure to display them and group them in odd number. You see, odd number is so pleasing to the eyes.

-When grouping, always vary the height of the displayed appliances. It looks better and makes it look stylish if you set them in a varied height.

-Always include a backsplash to your kitchen. You see, the backsplash is the main and biggest features of the kitchen. You have to play it up and have the decency to actually take advantage of it.

-Flood your spaces with some lighting designed for a different functions. You have to think carefully, under cabinet task lights, tasks lighting over the chef’s desk and the over head pot lights. There should be fabulous fixture over at the table. It is also better if you put everything on the dimmers in order for you to control the light levels and would be able to create a little drama and aura to your kitchen.

So after some Dos for your kitchen, let us head to talk about the Don’ts. Below are the don’ts of designing your kitchen.

-Never put the rarely used items on the counter tops, like some small appliances. The thing about the rarely used item is that they are useless there, and it will just make your kitchen cluttered and not organized.

-Do not use decorative elements that will not complement the overall design you are trying to achieve. A formal delicate accessory would be out of place and would make no sense if the overall look of your kitchen is on the rustic or vintage or any casual look you are trying to achieve.

-The accessories, the pans, the condiments, everything will look boring and uninteresting if you line them in a row. Never make that pattern and be brave and bold!

-Never skip on the lighting. The kitchen must be a bright and happy cheerful place so it should have enough light to perform the most important task, which is cooking your food.

-Never leave the counter tops without adding a personality into it. You have to think it through and never ever do an impulse buying, this will most likely result to a very chaotic and disorganized, disconnected design of your kitchen.

There you go. I do hope you will have a better looking kitchen!